Iranian New Waves

Iranian New Waves is a unique project presenting more than fifty compositions of new flute music by contemporary Iranian composers. Millennia of music making in the realm of Persia have contributed to the rich repertoire of Iranian music. The composers featured in this endeavor have benefited from this distinguished heritage to expand the repertory of flute music with their own individual approaches. This anthology encompasses a vast inspirational sphere, extending from village shepherd music to the hustle and bustle of today’s metropolitan cities; from words by renowned Persian poets and traditional beliefs, to Western cultural influences.


Project curators Amin Sharifi and Kelariz Keshavarz are international, award-winning artists specializing in contemporary music. As the solo performer featured throughout the recording, Keshavarz contributes her expertise playing the various instruments of the flute family. The composers represented on this project are all of Iranian descent: although they reside around the world, each is significant in constructing today’s music in Iran.  


The compositions presented on this recording are either newly commissioned by the curators, or existing works that have never appeared previously on an album. This is an anthology of solo flute music by Iranian living composers. The result will be to expand the flute repertoire by endowing it with the characteristics of Persian music.

Featured composers:

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