To whom it may concern,


I am truly enthusiastic about the call for proposals for CO-INCIDENCE FESTIVAL  to attend in-person.

My name is Kelariz Keshavarz, originally from Iran, currently residing in the US. I am a flutist active in both the classical and contemporary fields. I am also a sound artist, improviser, and pedagogue. I am the Co-Founder of Petrichor Records, a record label that sponsors and publishes contemporary music by living composers around the world, and the Artistic Director of the PR Young Iranian Composers Project, a pedagogical competition program, and have worked alongside such world-renowned composers as Chaya Czernowin, Ken Ueno, Katharina Rosenberger, Nina C. Young, Don Freund, and Reza Vali during summer 2020. 

For the CO-INCIDENCE FESTIVAL, I am sending a description of my project attached to this letter. This project is an anthology of solo flute compositions by Iranian living composers. The project had its Iran performance/lecture tour in winter, spring, and summer 2019, and its US events during 2020. I am currently looking forward to presenting it in various conferences in the US, by performing and giving lectures about the anthology. Here is an outline of the lecture recital:

A. Collaborative performance with contemporary choreography designers, lighting engineers, stage designers, and visual artists.

  • Dance and Music

  • Music and Light

  • Staged performance

  • Music and Sculpture

  • Music and Painting

  • Music and Photography


B. Lecture on the current new music scene in Iran with the flashback to the entrance of western classical music to Iran: (from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on time limitation)

  • Western music entrance in Iran

  • Training classical musicians influenced by European education system

  • The path from traditional music making to contemporary sphere in Iran

  • Dominant figures in cultivating contemporary western-influenced music in Iran

  • Current situation of contemporary music scene in Iran

  • Iranian New Waves, an anthology of solo flute music by Iranian living composers

C. Solo recital series of the pieces of Iranian New Waves project

  • Performance of the selected pieces (from 15 minutes to 150 minutes, depending on time limitation) I have included website links to the performance of some pieces of the project with my email.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you needed more information/materials.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Kelariz Keshavarz

Iranian New Waves


“Iranian New Waves” is a unique project whose goal is to present over fifty new compositions for solo flute created by established contemporary Iranian composers. The history of music-making throughout Persia over millennia has contributed to the rich repertoire of contemporary Iranian music. The composers featured in this project have drawn from this distinguished heritage to expand upon the flute repertoire, each with their own unique approach. While these composers are currently living in various nations around the world, all of them are of Iranian descent and continue to have a significant influence upon the development of contemporary music in Iran. This anthology of music encompasses a vast array of inspirational influences extending from village shepherd music to the hustle and bustle of today’s metropolitan cities;  from the words of Persian poets and philosophers to Western cultural influences. The compositions on this album have either been newly commissioned or they are preexisting works that have not previously been released.

The project curators, Amin Sharifi and Kelariz Keshavarz are internationally renowned, award-winning musicians specializing in contemporary music. As the solo performer featured on the album, Keshavarz demonstrates an extensive musical proficiency with performances on the flute, piccolo, alto flute, and bass flute.

With such a heavy focus on Western music within the musical canon, as well as amongst the contemporary flute repertoire, this project strives to broaden well-established boundaries by introducing music that embodies the rich history of Persian influences. By engaging currently active flute performers around the world with music that stretches beyond the norm, this project strives to cross cultural boundaries, inviting both performers and listeners alike into a wider and more richly varied musical macrocosm. The first volume of this anthology will be released in the fall of 2020, and the second volume in 2021, under the Petrichor Records label.

* Watch recent performances with choreography from the “Iranian New Waves” project: