Flutist Kelariz Keshavarz currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her private flute studio provides students of all ages with innovative approaches towards flute playing as well as fundamentals of classical, contemporary, and folk music.

Creative exercises for tone production, rhythm, interpretation, and improvisational skills are introduced to students considering their individuality and their specific learners' types. Learners' exposure to technique, musicality, and music appreciation in flute playing happens through direct and indirect teaching methods which results in thorough perception of the music.

Kelariz has given clinics at the Iran Flute Society at the University of Tehran and has been the flute instructor at various private music schools. She also serves on the board for the Iran Flute Society. She was also the music advisor at Nabat Publishing Company and Saba Animation Company in Tehran, Iran.

Kelariz Keshavarz, international award-winning musician in classical and contemporary flute playing