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Dr. Kelariz Keshavarz is an internationally acclaimed flutist, esteemed for her exceptional virtuosity and mastery of classical and contemporary music. With a deep passion for contemporary music, she has graced the stages of numerous festivals around the globe, including the Tehran Contemporary Music Festival, Missouri International Composers Festival, Flute New Music Consortium, National Flute Association, World Flute Festival, SiMN – International Symposium of New Music, Mid-South Flute Convention, Oklahoma Flute Society Flute Fair, Florida Flute Association Convention, Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention, and the International Chamber Music Festival of Barranquilla among many others.

Driven by her commitment to new music, Kelariz has commissioned over fifty compositions. Her dedication to promoting the works of Iranian composers culminated in the groundbreaking "Iranian New Waves" project—an anthology of contemporary music released by Petrichor Records in 2020. As a performer-composer, Kelariz's captivating electro-acoustic improvisations, "Minimpronics," were released in 2021.

Fanfare Magazine praised Dr. Keshavarz for the "sheer variety of sounds and their expressions," noting her remarkable virtuosity, and applauded her "sheer virtuosity" and ability to seamlessly integrate extended techniques into the musical discourse, showcasing her exceptional skill and dedication to her craft. Throughout her career, Dr. Keshavarz has performed as a soloist and principal flutist with an array of prestigious orchestras, such as the Missouri Symphony, the Tehran Symphony, the Tehran National Orchestra, the Tehran Philharmonic, the Parsian Orchestra, Nilper Orchestra, Camerata Orchestra, SouthSide Philharmonic Orchestra, and on the Odyssey Chamber Series. Her performances have taken her worldwide, with appearances in Iran, Austria, Lebanon, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and the United States. 

In addition to her performance career, Dr. Keshavarz has been actively involved in music education and pedagogy. After serving as a lecturer at Tehran University of Art and completing her postdoctoral fellowship as the Raymond C. Morales Postdoctoral Fellow in Music Education at the University of Utah, Kelariz has been appointed Assistant Professor of Flute at Western Carolina University, starting in August 2023. As a dedicated pedagogue, she has conducted workshops on Flute Contemporary Extended Techniques and performed music by living international composers in lecture recitals.

A firm believer in nurturing and supporting contemporary music, Kelariz co-founded Petrichor Records, serves as the artistic director of the PR Young Iranian Composers Project, and collaborated with celebrated composers such as Chaya Czernowin, Ken Ueno, Katharina Rosenberger, Nina C. Young, Don Freund, and Reza Vali. Her discography boasts numerous releases on Petrichor Records, such as "Abstractum," "Petrichor: Young Iranian Composers Project," "Minimpronics," "Iranian New Waves," "Black Pierrot," "Holh," "Amin Sharifi: A Portrait of the Composer as a Young Man," "Children songs, Goli Bud," and "Children songs, Nabat Magazine vol 3-14."

Dr. Keshavarz's collaborative work transcends artistic boundaries, encompassing dance, visual art, and film. Highlights of her interdisciplinary projects include "Salt Flats," "UNFURL," "Holh," and the "Iranian New Waves" project, which involved collaborations with Salt Lake Ballet Cooperative, Amin Sharifi, Alisha Wormsley, and Carly Schaub. 

Dr. Keshavarz's recent engagements include performances at Barranquilla's International Chamber Music Festival, the Mid-South Flute Convention, the Oklahoma Flute Society Flute Fair, the Florida Flute Association Convention, and the Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention. Her presentations have featured the "Abstractum" project, "Global Perspectives - Iranian New Waves Vol. II," and lecture workshops on improvisation and creative presence.

In addition to her work as a performer and educator, Dr. Keshavarz has been involved in various other artistic pursuits, such as the Summer Tour 2022, a collaborative dance and music project in partnership with the Salt Lake Ballet Cooperative featuring performances of her "Minimpronics" album pieces. She has also participated in curating the music and contemporary dance project for "Iranian New Waves" in collaboration with the Westminster Dance Company.

Dr. Kelariz Keshavarz holds a Doctorate in Musical Arts in Flute Performance from the University of Utah, with a secondary emphasis in Early Music Studies and Traverso Performance. In August 2023, she will begin a new chapter in her career as an Assistant Professor of Flute at Western Carolina University. As a highly regarded musician and educator, she continues to inspire and contribute to the world of contemporary music and flute performance. Her unwavering dedication and passion for music have earned her well-deserved accolades from critics and fans alike, making her a remarkable and influential figure in contemporary flute performance.

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