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Western Carolina Flute Festival

The School of Music at Western Carolina University is proud to announce the upcoming Western Carolina Flute Festival 2024, taking place on February 1-3. This event, built around the celebration and exploration of flute music, promises a rich palette of experiences for flutists, music professionals, and aficionados alike.




This three-day festival will offer a suite of dynamic workshops, interactive masterclasses, rigorous competitions, and opportunities for networking and collaboration with fellow musicians and industry peers. We will also host a gala concert featuring our festival's distinguished guest artists. 

In an effort to provide a comprehensive platform for flutists across different stages of their careers, we have structured the festival's competition into two distinct categories: High School, and Collegiate. The competition invites flutists from varied backgrounds and skill levels to demonstrate their prowess in front of a panel of expert judges. Prizes, including cash awards and recognition certificates, await the winners.

In addition, our festival has been enriched with a lineup of workshops steered by prominent figures in the flute community. These workshops span a range of topical themes, from technical prowess to career strategy, all designed to offer attendees a wealth of insights, learnings, and actionable advice.

The Western Carolina Flute Festival 2024 aspires to be a robust, enriching event for all attendees, whether you are a young flutist keen on honing your craft, a seasoned musician eager for intellectual engagement, or an enthusiast appreciative of quality flute music.

For more detailed information on the festival schedule, competition guidelines, and the procedure for workshop proposal submission, we encourage you to visit our official festival website or reach us directly at our contact email. The Western Carolina Flute Festival 2024 anticipates your participation in making this gathering a rewarding celebration of flute music. Let's champion the spirit of musical excellence together! 

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